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Vera Lloyd Adopts HelloFund

We spoke with Katie from Vera Lloyd to get some insights on her experience and why she selected HelloFund over similar platforms. Check out what she had to say below.

Why did you select to work with HelloFund?

We chose HelloFund because of the great price and user-friendly platform. We knew we would need an event to become virtual quickly, and, after talking with Phil, we felt very confident that we would have a great event. The price, accessibility, and customer service easily convinced us that HelloFund is where we needed to be.

What makes HelloFund different from other fundraising platforms you’ve used in the past?

The high level of customer service and personal attention is a very unique aspect of what HelloFund has to offer. The platform itself was very user-friendly and customizable to our specific event needs. It took no time at all for my team to comfortably upload, edit and manage the event content pages.

Are there any specific examples that working with HelloFund has had a positive financial impact on your organization?

With a sudden economic crisis, due to COVID-19, our nonprofit needed to cut costs and raise as much money as possible. Our second largest fundraiser of the year fell right in the middle of this difficult time. HelloFund helped us quickly, efficiently and extremely cost-effectively turn an in-person event into a very successful online fundraiser. Our goal was to raise $10,000 through this event; due to low costs and excellent execution by HelloFund, we raised over $11,000. We are extremely pleased with how professional the entire online event looked and operated.

Would you recommend HelloFund to a friend?

We would absolutely recommend HelloFund to any nonprofit utilizing an online fundraising or event portal. Our favorite aspects of HelloFund are:

  • High level of customer service

  • User-friendly and customizable platform

  • Clean, professional and branded event pages

  • Great value with clear pricing structure and fees


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