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Auxilia & HelloFund Auction

Auxilia has partnered with HelloFund to streamline your In-Person and Online Auction Events. With HelloFund Auction, your organization can effortlessly set up unlimited items for bidding, promote, and process payment seamlessly. By leveraging HelloFund's Text Message feature and strategies, organizations have seen up to a 69% increase in their silent auction revenue.

HelloFund Online Auction and Mobile Bidding

Highlighted Features

Unlimited Items: Add as many items as you need like Silent Auction, Live Auction, Raffle, Sign Up Parties +


Mass Messaging for Increased Bids: Text  your guests updates and utilize HelloFund's strategies to increase your revenue up to 30%๐Ÿš€


Detailed Reporting: Gain insights into your auction performance with comprehensive reports. 


Outbid Notifications ๐Ÿšจ: Keep participants engaged and informed in real-time to maximize bids.


Automated Email Tax Deductible Receipts: Automatically send tax-deductible receipts to donors via email.


Custom Displays with QR Codes or Logo: Showcase your auction items with personalized displays featuring QR codes or your organization's logo. 

Receive personalized stats on your event

Monon Trail PTO Event Results
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