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Utilizing HelloFund from the Auctioneer and AV Team Perspective

The nice thing about HelloFund’s Virtual Auction solution is that you only need to access a few pieces of the software to have a successful Live Auction and Paddles Up for your upcoming fundraiser. In HelloFund, you will access only the Live Broadcast, Butler EventStream, Appeal Display, and Dashboard. Below is some information on each section for you to review.

AV Team only needs to review the Live Broadcast and Appeal Display below.

LIVE BROADCASTWhen logged into HelloFund, click on Event Central > Live Broadcast

  • Option 1 – Launch Your Stream directly from HelloFund

  • Option 2 – Connect Live Stream with another streaming platform (Ex. Zoom)

If working with an AV company, here are some technical details you will want to share if they decide to utilize a streaming platform (Ex. Zoom).

WebRTC – Sub 1 Second Latency

Custom OBS (WebRTC) Software Download MAC OS | Windows 10 or higher Stream Name 4181_hellofunddemo_h5Z8WeTm Copy Stream Key e135a366e8fa16ef1031ea58675bbb7b02a261f57a999b72e01fb2d866d3ad2c Copy Viewer Link Copy


To access the Butler EventStream, click on Event Central > Butler > Launch EventStream. This will allow you to:

  • Start the Live Auction

  • Submit Floor/In-Person Bids if you have a small gathering while the Auctioneer is present

  • Review Bid History from both In Person and Virtual Bids

  • Adjust starting bids and minimum raises in real-time on the fly

  • Click the ‘i’ info button to view the item description

  • Sell the Auction Package once the Auctioneer says SOLD!

Note – If you plan to Sell an Auction Package Twice, we recommend having those items duplicated in HelloFund prior to event night. Just post them as “Inactive”, but, quickly move to Active after the first auction is sold.


To access the Appeal Display, click on Event Central > Appeal Display. This will allow you to:

  • Add Thermometer with Goal

  • Display Donor Names

  • Add Text to Give Donations

  • Show Sponsors

  • Donors and Current Total will automatically update…no need to refresh

When you Launch Appeal, the following display will appear in a new tab:

Note – Most Auctioneers/AV Companies add the URL to a separate TV/Projector and the camera would pan over to the display above.

To get a Snapshot of your Fundraising Total with a breakdown of Live Auction and Donations, click on Dashboard: In Event to see the following:



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