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Auction Training Hub

HelloFund's BidKit Payments Processing system is a custom integration with Stripe.
Check out the Images, Descriptions, Starting Bids, Buy It Now Options, Raffle, Sign Up Parties and more with HelloFund
PRE-EVENT (1 to 2 weeks prior to Event Night)
Finalize Auction Items and Event Night Sales
(Silent Auction, Live Auction, Raffle, Sign Up Parties, Paddles Up / Fund A Need and More!)
Manage Guest and Bidders
Setup Communication
(Text Messages and Email)
Market Sponsors
EVENT NIGHT PREP  (1 to 2 weeks out)
Setup for Check In and Check Out
Check In
Record Event Night Sales
for Live Auction
Create a simple Appeal Display using HelloFund at your next event.  An Appeal Display is a great way to increase competition.
Record Event Night Sales
for Paddles Up / Fund A Need
Appeal Display on Event Night
Check Out
POST EVENT (1 to 3 days after Event Night)
Batch Payments from Event Night
Send Text Message to any Bidders / Guest that didn't complete payment
Event Night Sales Report
Merchant Report
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