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Unveiling Fundraising Success: Key Trends and Strategies for 2024

After a successful year of fundraising alongside fantastic organizations, we've uncovered valuable insights to steer us into the new year and beyond. Here are some key trends that we anticipate continuing in 2024:

1. APPEALS Event Night Appeals (Fund A Need, Paddles Up, Mission Moments, etc.): Enhance your Luncheon, Gala, or upcoming Fundraiser with the simplicity of Event Night Appeals. Utilize HelloFund's Appeal Display to customize pages with a Thermometer, Custom Image, Sponsor Logos, and more, making it a seamless way to boost donations.


Optimizing Your Appeal Display: A Step-by-Step Guide for Setup and Marketing

  1. Generate your unique Appeal Display Link within HelloFund

  2. Develop a captivating slideshow showcasing a breakdown of fund utilization (e.g., $5,000 for enhancing technology in 2024).

  3. Send personalized Text Messages to each guest, simplifying the donation process in the moment.

  4. Enhance accessibility by providing a QR Code and Text to Give option on each table for quick and convenient contributions.

2. PERSONALIZATION Elevate Guest Check-In Experience Through Personalized Text Messages

As more organizations seek to streamline the Check-In process on Event Night, the feasibility varies based on event types. HelloFund offers a unique advantage by enabling the sending of custom messages and notifications to each guest prior to the event. This includes details like assigned tables, parking instructions, and more.

For an enhanced Check-In experience, consider adding a Silent Auction (even with a minimal number of items), Raffle, or Live Auction Preview. Incorporating one of these elements can help with the following:

1. Minimize long lines at Check-In

2. Securely Add Credit Cards

3. Reduce Number of people to follow up with Payments

How can adding these help with Check In and Payments? Sending personalized messages in advance allows you to send sneak peaks about your event and your guest can start purchasing raffle tickets or bid on the Silent Auction 3 to 4 days in advance. You can certainly do more, but we recommend providing a few days to keep your donors engaged.

Some sample text messages (which you can personalize with our unique shortcodes): Tuesday: Org/Event Name - Hello Phil and Lauren! Exciting news—the Online Auction is now OPEN! Simply click here to add your card and start bidding: [personal bidding link]

Wednesday: Have you seen our Date Night Package? Explore this and more today: [personal bidding link]

Thursday: Tonight's the Night! Hello Phil and Lauren, your seated at Table 2. Grab a beverage and enjoy a game in the courtyard. Cheers to a fantastic evening! 3. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

We've recently added AuctionGPT to level the playing field for all organizations that may not have the resources of some larger nonprofits. With HelloFund's AuctionGPT feature, you can enter in basic information about your Auction Package or Text Message, then, simply utilize AuctionGPT to create a beautifully crafted auction description or message for your guests. Discover more at Blog Post: Introducing HelloFund's AI AuctionGPT

Want to discuss any of the above key trends or strategize for 2024?

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