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Maximize Your GivingTuesday Campaign: A Timeline for Success

Get ready for the upcoming #GivingTuesday, a pivotal day for nonprofit fundraising! We're here to offer valuable resources to aid your fundraising endeavors during this busy period. Wondering where to begin? Check out our recommendations below to kickstart your HelloFund GivingTuesday campaign.

A Timeline for Success

Week 1 [September 25th, 2023]

- Create your GivingTuesday fundraising campaign.

- Set goals and craft a compelling description.

- Choose a user-friendly platform for donors and administrators.

Week 2 [October 9th]

- Define your objectives (volunteer recruitment, social media growth, fundraising).

- Email supporters and share a calendar invite.

- Mobilize your ambassadors and assign tasks.

Week 3 [November 6th]

- Equip Peer to Peer fundraisers and board members with a toolkit.

- Include sample social media messages, graphics, and promotional ideas.

Week 4 [November 20th] (1 week until GivingTuesday)

- Ramp up your social media presence with #GivingTuesday messages.

- Schedule reminder emails and engage Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers.

- Reconnect with your ambassadors and express gratitude.

Day Before [November 27th]

- Send a "1 Day to Go" email and social media messages.

- Ensure your community is aware of the imminent GivingTuesday.

GivingTuesday [November 28th]

- Update your community throughout the day on your campaign progress.

- Express gratitude to donors and campaign supporters.

- Maintain an active social media presence, sharing photos and stories.

- Emphasize your mission's impact on the community.

Day After [November 29th]

- Send personalized thank-you messages to your stakeholders.

- Celebrate your community with #ThankYouWednesday posts.


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