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3 Keys to a Successful GivingTuesday Campaign

1. Create a Simple Fundraising Campaign for GivingTuesday


Using HelloFund's Fundraising Page for GivingTuesday is the swiftest and most straightforward method to receive donations. Crafting a personalized page that actively engages your donors is of utmost importance. This not only aligns your page with your branding but also communicates your organization's narrative, motivating donors to contribute to your cause. On this page, you can include details about how your organization intends to utilize the funds or the positive impact their donations will have on the community.

2. Create Social Media Campaigns with Custom Links and QR Codes

With each HelloFund Page, you will receive your own unique QR Code to create and share with your peers.


3. Promote Your Cause and Start Accepting Donations!

Don't wait until GivingTuesday (Tuesday, November 28, 2023) to promote your organization. We suggest starting your promotional efforts as early as 2 weeks to 30 days in advance. Consistent reminders about the importance of this day and how to engage with your charity can be highly effective. Encourage everyone to donate and keep your audience updated on your campaign's progress. Once Giving Tuesday concludes, follow up with a post revealing the total donations and expressing heartfelt gratitude for their ongoing support.

HelloFund Marketing Page
Create a simple fundraising page for your GivingTuesday campaign with HelloFund Fundraising. Create a custom url and QR Code to share with peers.


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