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Suggested Tip or Platform Fee, which one is right for me?

Why are more people choosing HelloFund over Suggested Tip platforms for their fundraising campaigns?

  • Number of Clicks to complete donation (4 with HelloFund vs 6 with Company A)

  • The suggested Tip Model is confusing to Donors

  • HelloFund provides personal support to your organization with Phone, Email, Text, and Live Chat support

  • Donors pay less in fees and are willing to donate more if they don’t have to leave a tip

  • Donations are automatically deposited into your Bank Account within 2 business days

Company A has a “Suggested Tip” model. While in theory, it sounds great at first glance with a 0% Platform Fee, the Suggested Tip model can be both misleading and confusing to donors.

Let’s take a look at the numbers based on a single $100 donation:

Company A with Suggested Tip (15%) Breakdown

Your Donation Amount – $100

Suggested Tip automatically selects 15% for Donor* – $15

Total Amount Donor Pays – $115

*In order to remove the 15% Tip from the transaction, you have to select 10%, 20%, or Other Amount. The only option NOT to pay the fee is to select Other and Enter $0. Adding multiple steps to your Donors equates to fewer donations for your organization.

HelloFund with a Platform Fee of 1%

Your Donation Amount – $100 HelloFund’s Platform Fee (1%) + Stripe’s CC Fee (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) – $4.37 Total Amount Donor Pays – $104.37


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