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Optimize Check Out for your Next Gala or Auction Event

Event Night Checklist

While Check-In can be a focus to get people in the door, Check-Out is just as important. Here are some key points to enhance Check Out for your next event:

Preparation is the Key to a Successful Event. If you have received the majority of your Guest Names and Emails prior to event night, this will vastly improve both Check-In and Check-Out.

Prepare Folders with Package Numbers on Top Right. These should always be organized in numerical order (#1 to #99) and we always add Package Numbers to a Folder even if there is no certificate with it. For example, if Package #15 only has a Wine Basket associated with it, then, add a + Grab Wine Basket text underneath #15.

Use Auction Software which allows you to View Winning Information. You should be able to enter Bidder #101 or Last Name to look up what the Bidder won. When working with HelloFund Auction, you can verify the email, see if a credit card is on file, and review the winning items with that Bidder. You should be able to quickly say: “It looks like you won Package #1: Lake Austin Experience, #2: ACL Night Out, and did a Paddles Up for $500”.

Numbers we like to use by Package Type: Live Auction – Numbers 1 to 10 Paddles Up / Fund A Need – Numbers 11 to 19 Silent Auction – Numbers 20 to 99 Raffle / Multi Sale Items – 600, 601 or 602

By associating numbers with each package type/section, will allow you to see data more efficiently after your event. Most common options to streamline Check-Out:

  • Have Runner find Package. This works well if you have Staff/Volunteer that is very familiar with the Auction/Location of Packages. For this to be effective, be sure to put packages in numerical order on Auction Tables as this can turn into Where’s Waldo if they are scattered throughout. Note – Staff/Volunteers checking out Bidder should kindly ask them to move to the side so we can continue to check out more Bidders and keep the process moving.

  • Bring All Packages to Check Out. This can be a good option IF you have enough room to store the packages. In order for this to be effective, we recommend putting a sticky note with the # on the back of each package.

  • Allow Donor to Grab Package from Auction. This can be really efficient for Check Out, but, I don’t see a lot of organizations utilizing this option.

  • Bring Packages back to your Office. We have seen organizations bring packages back to the office to have Donors pick them up the following week. This works well if you are a school or see your Donors often.


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