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Revamp Your Gala or Auction Event: Optimal Strategies for Smooth Check-Out

Improving Check-Out is just as crucial as nailing Check-In. Here are key tips to elevate your next event's Check-Out process:

1. Preparation is Key: Obtain guest names and emails beforehand to streamline both Check-In and Check-Out processes.

2. Organized Folders: Prepare folders with package numbers arranged numerically (#1 to #99). Even if a package lacks a certificate, add a label with its associated item (e.g., "+ Grab Wine Basket" under #15).

3. Auction Software Efficiency: Use auction software that enables easy access to winning information. With HelloFund Auction, quickly verify the email, check for a credit card on file, and review the won items for efficient communication with the bidder.

4. Number Associations: Assign numbers by package type:

- Live Auction: 1 to 10

- Paddles Up/Fund A Need: 11 to 19

- Silent Auction: 20 to 99

- Raffle/Multi Sale Items: 600, 601, or 602

5. Streamlining Check-Out:

- Runner Approach: Have a knowledgeable staff/volunteer locate packages, ensuring they're in numerical order on auction tables.

- Central Package Retrieval: Bring all packages to the check-out area, labeling each with a sticky note indicating the number.

- Self-Service Option: Allow donors to grab their packages directly from the auction area for an efficient check-out.

- Post-Event Package Pickup: Consider bringing packages back to your office for donors to collect the following week, suitable for schools or frequent donor interactions.

Implementing these strategies ensures a smoother Check-Out experience, keeping the process efficient and donors satisfied.

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