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Increase Online Donations on your Fundraising Page

First of all, if you are already accepting donations online, GO YOU! Because 54% of donors worldwide prefer to give online with a credit or debit card, according to a recent study by WiredImpact. But what else can you do to increase online donations and optimize your fundraising page? Here are 5 effective and important steps to take to increase online donations:

  1. Streamline your giving experience and avoid too many steps or pages you take the user through. HelloFund directly helps with this as we provide a seamless on-page donation form. The user simply clicks your donation button and voila, they have their form to select the amount and realize payment.

  2. When your user is selecting what amount to give to your organization, give them some suggestions! This is one of the easiest and most effective hacks to help someone give. And don’t forget to offset processing costs. Give donors an option to offset the processing costs of their donation. You’ll find that a lot of supporters will be happy to do this!

  3. Take advantage of online marketing grants for mainstream channels like LinkedIn and Google AdWords to advertise your donation page with short, impactful messaging.

  4. Every day we are doing more and more from our phones, so ensure your page and donation forms are mobile friendly so you win over the audience of users giving on the go. (Good thing HelloFund is mobile-optimized.)

  5. Ensure your messaging is consistent from the time you introduce the donation to the moment the user makes the donation online. In a study conducted by NPEngage, 45% of organizations had an incongruent message from their email appeal to their donation page.

All of these optimizations and features are already an integral part of HelloFund’s pages. Get started today increasing online donations with our page builder:


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