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HelloFund Auction Introduces Google Pay and Apple Pay! 🎉

👋 NEW FEATURE 👋 Google and Apple Pay added to HelloFund Auction

Apple Pay and Google Pay in HelloFund Auction

In a typical checkout , customers usually need to enter their card information, billing and shipping addresses, email, or phone number. Now, with HelloFund, Apple Pay and Google Pay are available for Ticket Sales, Donations, and Auction Checkout!

Self Registration: When a credit card is required and you are registering on a mobile device with Google Pay or Apple Pay enabled, these payment options will be available.

Google Pay and Apple Pay screenshots in Auction Checkout of HelloFund from a Donor or Bidder perspective

To use Google Pay, the Donor / Bidder will need to be signed into their Google Account and use the Google Chrome browser on any device where Chrome is installed. Apple Pay will be available on any Apple device running Safari.

Benefits of using Google or Apple Pay:

  • Faster Checkout: Donors can significantly reduce the time required to checkout compared to entering card details manually. 

  • Ease of Use: Integrated directly into any mobile device, making it easy to use anywhere, anytime. 

  • Enhanced Security: Uses tokenization, meaning actual card details are never shared with merchants. 

  • Biometric Authentication: Transactions often require facial recognition, or passcode authentication, adding an extra layer of security.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are only allowed on mobile devices therefore checking out on a laptop will not show the above options.



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