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Birthday Fundraisers with HelloFund

What is the benefit of doing a Birthday Fundraiser with HelloFund?

1 – Receive funds within 2 business days…directly into your organization’s account 2 – Donor receives automatic tax receipt directly from your organization 3 – Download donor data in HelloFund Reports

Great example of a Birthday Fundraiser:

Setting up a birthday fundraiser on HelloFund is super simple! Once logged in to HelloFund, do the following:

1 – Create a New Page – Fundraiser 2 – Use generic background photos for your organization 3 – Use the same goal ($250, $500, or $1,000 – can change at any time) 3 – Use the same mission statement each time 4 – Use the same donation amounts and colors for consistency

Once created, all you have to do is replicate the page for each new birthday fundraiser: 1 – Open Original Birthday Fundraiser 2 – Click 3 dots in the top right and hit Duplicate 3 – Change Name and Custom URL

Once complete, send the link to a Board Member or Friend of the Org to promote on FB and Insta!



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