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Hungry Souls Sees Benefits of Monthly Recurring Donations

Nonprofits well know the value of monthly recurring donations – they increase revenue, and supporters end up donating more on a yearly basis and provide a steady income stream that allows for longer-range planning and decision-making. The question when it comes to nonprofits courting monthly donors isn’t often “why,” but “how” to court and maintain these monthly donors. One of our clients, Hungry Souls of Austin, Texas has seen a 61% increase in monthly donors from January 2020 to October 2020; this includes a 150% increase in monthly revenue from recurring donors.

We asked Chris King, Executive Director of Hungry Souls how they accomplished this remarkable increase in a year marked by economic and financial hardship. Chris’ responses highlighted the importance of relationships with donors and taking full advantage of what HelloFund has to offer.

Hungry Souls’ Approach

“It’s about relationships.”

Chris’ immediate answer was that to increase your organization’s number of monthly recurring donors, you have to take the time to court any donor that comes through your door, investing in the relationship from day 1 and on.

“I work hard on courting one-time donors and then building into that relationship by calls, emails, [and] stories about how donations allow us to continue to serve and add to the number of families we serve.”

“It’s about earning their trust and showing them the impact of their support.”

The nonprofit-donor relationship is a two-way street. You need their donations to carry out your mission, and they need to see that their money is having a positive impact in order to trust you in the future with their funds.

“I talk about the value of monthly donors.”

While nonprofits are well aware of the impact recurring small donations can have vs. a one-time large donation, donors may not understand the potential impact their donation methods may have on an organization they support. Taking the time to educate your donors can pay off in the long term, benefitting both you and the donor.

How HelloFund Helps

“We use HelloFund to help us design specific pages for our campaigns.”

“Again, once we can bring on a one-time donor, it’s easier to convert them to ongoing.” While we know the long-term importance of monthly recurring donors, HelloFund is also acutely aware of the importance of getting one-time donors through the door, so that organizations have the opportunity to establish and build on that relationship. We work hard and one-on-one with every client to ensure that your campaign page is the best it can be, leaving a lasting positive impression with one-time donors and giving you the opportunity to court those donors.

“We also utilize them for our standard giving page and always include a giving link in everything that goes out.”

HelloFund offers more than just peer-to-peer fundraising pages – we also offer store pages, donor pages, custom pages, and more! We are here to assist you through the entirety of the donor life-cycle, from the initial fundraiser to the monthly donations and yearly events.

“Their staff is always quick to answer and to help design our pages when needed….which is often.”

At HelloFund, we know how fast the nonprofit world moves, and the attention to detail that is constantly required. We are here to provide one-on-one fundraising support to meet your organization’s every need.


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