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How to Appeal to Gen Z Donors

When it comes to Generation Z, you have eight seconds to engage them. Eight seconds to call them to action. Eight seconds to convince them to donate to your organization. Eight seconds…the same amount of time it took the average person to read those three sentences.

Generation Z, also known as “Philanthroteens,” is the next generation of donors and volunteers. They make up a whopping 32% of the global population and are more socially engaged than any other generation before them. Gen Z has grown up in a world awash with information, in decades that have seen social unrest and global turmoil. They are highly educated on social issues such as racial injustice, climate change, and humanitarian issues across the world. With Gen Z, it’s not about convincing them that a certain cause is important. Surveys show that Gen Z is more likely to be loyal to a specific cause rather than an individual organization. This means the goal is to sell your organization to them; tell them how you’re addressing the cause they care about, your solution to the problem, and how you’re being responsible and socially conscious in your response to the problem you’re addressing. When it comes to Gen Z, you’re not selling them on the what or the why, but rather the who and the how.

Remember, you have eight seconds to do so. So, how to engage this socially-driven, highly passionate generation of philanthropists?

Keep it simple and digital

Gen Z is the first generation to have been flooded with information nearly from the moment they could read. Naturally, this has led to a short attention span, meaning you have to put in extra effort in standing out from the crowd, with engaging visuals, compelling storytelling, and easy-to-navigate fundraisers.

Keep your messaging short and sweet, simple and concise. Use infographics to tell a big story in an eye-catching, brief snapshot. TikTok and Instagram stories are also popular ways to push calls to action in a short amount of time.

When it comes to your website, fundraising, and donation pages, make sure to keep things clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Additionally, Gen Zers are constantly on their mobile phones and are more likely to engage with organizations and fundraisers through mobile apps. This is why it is crucially important to have a mobile-friendly website and donation page. Luckily for you, HelloFund has a simple and easy-to-use mobile platform.

Tell your story

Gen Z is a generation of storytellers, and the best way to engage them is to offer a compelling narrative that offers insight into the work you’re doing. They want to hear inspiring stories about your organization, and the difference it is making in the community, country, and world!

Tell a story that will move them to action – again, they are likely already familiar with and passionate about your cause. The goal here is to inspire them to join you in your particular mission in regard to this cause. What is the difference they can make through your organization? In storytelling, visual content is hugely important – not just photos, but also infographics, and for those who have the capacity, short videos that tell a story.

Social media is more important than ever

The importance of social media cannot be understated. Nearly 75% of Gen Zers are actively and regularly engaged on social media – there is no better place to reach them with your message. Social media sites are highly-visual platforms that lend themselves perfectly to telling compelling stories and reaching a broad and engaged Gen Z audience.

Think of social media sites as networking sites; peer-to-peer and crowdfunding campaigns are popular among Gen Z because they are easy to share and spread the word about. In fact, you can consider Gen Zers themselves powerful networkers for your organization – according to Forbes, “more than 2 in 5 have educated family or friends about a cause.” For a campaign run through social media, it’s as easy as clicking the share button and spreading the word about your campaign to your friends and followers.

They’re consumers too

Generation Z likes to buy, but they like to do so in a way that is socially responsible. This is a very image-conscious generation, that puts a lot of thought into what they buy and the message they send through and with those purchases. We can see this through the trend of companies and corporations that have pivoted to giving back for every purchase made. Why not throw your hat in the ring? If you have the capacity to do so, offer branded merchandise with catchy slogans or phrases relating to your cause or mission! Gen Z loves to drop $$ on clothing and products that spread an important message about a cause. This gives them the opportunity to both support your org and show off their support of a cause. With HelloFund, you have the option to set up a store page through which to highlight your products and the cause they support!

Generation Z possesses an unmatched passion for social change, and you have the unique opportunity to harness that passion to further your mission. You have eight seconds…ready, set, go!


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