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Getting Started with QR Codes

QR codes offer increased accessibility to your fundraising page for those who may not already be donors or supporters of your organization.

In today’s increasingly connected world, QR codes are a valuable tool for connecting potential donors to your fundraising campaign.

So, how does it work? QR codes, short for Quick Response, are incredibly easy for anyone to use. A smartphone user simply has to open their camera app, hold up their phone to focus on the QR code, and a link will pop up, directing them to that web page.

So, what are the benefits of QR codes?

Digital Media Advertising is King

We all know digital media advertising has quickly become the main mode of reaching any audience, overtaking traditional radio and tv advertisements. Nearly every American today owns a smartphone and spends an average of 5 hours a day on their phone. Most people are used to using their phones to access a large amount of information quickly, as the internet is now only a click away. With a QR code, that means your campaign is also only a single click away!

Widely Recognizable

A couple of years ago, QR codes were still a new and unfamiliar marketing tool. Now, QR codes are easily recognizable by most people, create a sense of curiosity, and offer a quick and easy to engage a wide range of potential donors.

Ease of Use

QR codes require little effort on the donor’s end. Instead of a social post or fundraising flyer that directs them to type a link into their phone, all they have to do is hold their camera up to the QR code, and the link will immediately pop up on their screen.

How do I best use my custom QR code?

QR codes are most often used on printed pieces that are widely distributed around a community but have a wide variety of other uses as well. A couple of ideas we love:

  • Sharing a QR code during your fundraiser or gala that allows users to go directly and easily to your donation page (in the virtual gala age, they can take a picture of the QR code on their screen and use their phone to navigate through to your donate page, without ever leaving the gala page!)

  • On flyers or small print pieces, shared on community billboards, at coffee shops, local shops, and on street corners. This turns a print piece into a tool that encourages digital engagement and brings them right to your webpage!

  • If you’re partnering with a local business, a QR code can quickly and easily be printed onto a business card or other print pieces, like a menu or receipt, so their customers can quickly and easily access your donation page. For example, Chili’s once partnered with St. Jude Children’s Hospital using QR codes in their restaurants.

Contact your HelloFund Customer Success Manager today to receive a personalized QR code for any of your HelloFund pages! For our Essential Customers, we have the added features of customizing your QR code with your logo and brand colors, increasing brand and organization awareness for potential donors!

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