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5 Tips for Setting Up a Succesful Virtual Auction

With so many organizations switching to Virtual Auctions, it’s important to get your site set up properly prior to marketing out to your donors. To get started, follow these steps:

#1 – Create your Landing Page for your Virtual Auction

Most Landing Pages include information about your event, a video (YouTube embed), Sponsor Info, Tickets/RSVP/Sponsor Opportunities, and an Auction Preview

#2 – Create a Welcome Text Message

Welcome Text Message (the message Bidders receive when they Register for your Event)

Hi [f], thanks for registering for Back to School with “Your Organization Name”! Click here to check out some of the wonderful auction items and start bidding today – [u]

To update in HelloFund: Click Software Settings: Auction Settings: Butler Settings


#3 – Create a Welcome Email Message

To update in HelloFund: Click Landing Page Content: Login/Registration Area and scroll down to Register to Bid – Customize Welcome Email


#4 – Register yourself as a Bidder so you can see the process as your Donors would receive it