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Over $2.5 million raised for Hospice Austin

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“Brittany is very goal-driven with strong leadership skills. She sees things from both the business and non-profit perspectives to find mutual alignment. Brittany worked closely with Hospice Austin’s operating and fund boards as well as our development staff and fundraising volunteers to raise record funds (over $2.5 million).  She created plans for our events and campaigns by providing the “right” messaging to our donors utilizing many direct outlets: email, social media, print materials and peer-to-peer fundraising. She trained our development staff, volunteers and board members, gently pushing us while keeping the organization focused on our goals…all while having a lot of fun along the way!”

Robin Clemons
Chief Development Officer

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Meet Brittany...

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Brittany Byrd Morrison

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"The best part of the fundraiser was getting to work with Brittany and Phil!! (seriously though – the connection, support, and friendship formed has been so fun and meant a lot to me). But also seeing our kiddos and families share their stories and love for JTF and the incredible good that came from it. And the excitement of the unknown – it was so fun to see our goal constantly exceeded and wonder 'how big can this get' – and the answer was BIG!!!"

Michelle Packer
Executive Director

Jordan Thomas Foundation

About Brittany

At her core, Brittany is passionate about relationships and helping others. It's stitched right into her fabric, and it's what drives her to invest so meaningfully in people and building authentic connections. As a born-and-raised Austinite, she has deep roots that extend throughout the city. Her firm belief in the importance of giving back propelled her into volunteer service and fervent advocacy for causes that are important to her. Those enriching experiences organically led her where she is today, and she hopes to help foster a better, more vibrant community, one client and one relationship at a time. 
Leveraging her background in sales and business development, Brittany brings a strategic approach to philanthropy, understanding the needs both of a non-profit as well as a corporation. She's an "out of the box" thinker, well-complemented by pragmatic execution. She's uniquely and extraordinarily gifted in storytelling and has a knack for raising money, too. With an attitude of abundance, she believes in the untapped potential of individuals and organizations to be more generous and more courageous in their giving strategies. She understands the unique needs of each client she encounters, and cares about their mission on a deep level. Brittany prides herself in making the experience fun and enjoyable for all involved, and it's no surprise that many (if not all) of her clients, become friends. 

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“Your energetic example of how to ask, passionate example of ‘why,’ and excellent blueprint to be successful in fundraising motivated attendees to begin their path to greater community involvement and philanthropic engagement. Thank you for inspiring our next generation of givers.”

Keith Gray
Program & Volunteer Manager
I Live Here I Give Here

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