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Welcome to the integration with Kindful and BidKit.

This best practice will walk you through everything regarding Kindful including integration, exporting sales, and donors. You will have the ability to import your contacts from Kindful into your admin. Export the bidders that you have in your admin that are not in Kindful. Export your sales from your Auction, Donations/Text-To-Give, and Ticket Sales/Donations. ​


Go to Software Settings > Connect to BidKit

Integrations with HelloFund

Locate the Kindful box and click on the green connect button.

Kindful Connection

A new box will pop up and click on the connect button again. This will take you to the Kindful Authentication page.

Connect Kindful to HelloFund

Sign in to your Kindful account. 

Kindful HelloFund 4

Then, select the account you want to connect to in Kindful and click continue. This will connect Kindful to BidKit.

Kindful HelloFund 2
Kindful HelloFund 5

Then on the dashboard on the left, you will see a tab for Kindful with a dropdown. This is where you will find your Import Bidders, Export/Update Bidders, Export Sales, Activity Log, and Logout. 

Kindful HelloFund 6


  • Go to Software Settings > Connect to BidKit > Kindful > Import Bidders tab. 

  • From here you can import one at a time or you can import multiple at once. Just check the small box next to the name you want to import or for multiple check the small box next to First Name (this will check them all at one time) then scroll down to the bottom right and click on the green import button. 

  • First/Last name, Phone, and email if provided will be imported into your admin located under Bidders > Manage Bidders.

  • You can see who you imported and who you did not by using the filters under the field called Imported? 

Kindful HelloFund 7
Kindful HelloFund 1
Kindful HelloFund 8


You will have the ability to export new contacts to Kindful and update or link to existing Kindful contacts. If you know this individual is not in your Kindful account, click Add New Contact in Kindful. If the individual is a current contact in Kindful then you can click Link to Existing Kindful Contact. 

  • To locate your Kindful ID to link your Bidder to Kindful go to your Kindful admin and look up the contact name you want to link and in the URL of that contact, you will see the Kindful ID at the end of the URL.
    **This is our test account so your Kindful admin may look a little different

Kindful HelloFund 9
  • Once you have determined if they are a new contact in Kindful or existing contact, go back to your Export/Update Bidders to Kindful.

  • Check the box next to the bidder you want to export and in the operation drop-down, choose the correct field. 

  • Then, click the Export/Update button. 

*This should take no longer than 5 minutes to export.

Kindful HelloFund 10
Kindful HelloFund 11
  • You can locate your exported bidders in Kindful by going to the Contacts & Activities tab. 

  • You can then choose all contacts or can search for the specific contact.

Kindful HelloFund 12

Once your bidders have been exported and linked to Kindful, new fields will populate under the Export/Update Bidders to Kindful tab. 

  • You can update the bidder's contact information under Bidders > Manage Bidders in your Admin.

  • You also have the option to remove the link between your admin Bidder and the Kindful Account in BidKit

Kindful HelloFund 13


  • You export all paid ticket sales, donations/text-to-give, and auction items. 

  • In order for the Auction Items to show once they are sold under BidKit > Export Sales, the items must be set to a Closed Status to export the sale. 

  • You can export paid sales from your Ticket Page, Donations/Text-To-Give, and Auction Items from the Export Sales in BidKit.

  • Go to Software Settings > Connect to BidKit >Dashboard> Kindful > Export Sales.
    Show all entries.

  • Click the small box next to the Item Name that you want to export.
    Under the tag, Kindful Match, there will be Contact ID-# for the Kindful ID already linked or attempt a match.

  • For the attempted match, click on the hourglass, and if they made a match (First Name, Last Name, & Email address has to all match the Kindful contact record to make a match) that will show. Or you can create a new contact.
    If you know the matching Kindful ID, you can click on the pencil and that will allow you to enter the ID #.

  • Once you have everything set up the way you want, click on Export Sales at the bottom right. A box will appear asking for the Fund (required field), and which Campaign (optional) you want that to populate in Kindful. 

    • * NOTE: The campaign is based on the Fund you select. So whatever Campaign is connected to the Fund in Kindful. Meaning when you select a Fund in BidKit > export sales, the only campaigns that will populate are the ones you have selected in Kindful for the said fund. 

Kindful HelloFund 14
Kindful HelloFund 3


1) How will new users who participate in the event come over to Kindful during the export process after the event? 

  • If you do not have a matching first and last name and email within Kindful, the contact will be transferred to Kindful as a new contact located under the Activities page of your Kindful account.

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