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Flower Hill Doubled Giving Tuesday After Adopting HelloFund

We recently sat down with Flower Hill Foundation in January 2020 and spoke with them about their fundraising experience with HelloFund. Check it out!

Why did Flower Hill Foundation select HelloFund?

It came highly recommended by another non-profit in Austin. We sent some questions over and they were answered quickly with full HelloFund support.

Have you had Giving Tuesday campaigns in the past?

Yes. We did a simple FB and IG (with a newsletter) GivingTuesday campaign last year and we raised less then $10,000. This year, with the addition of the HelloFund peer-to-peer fundraising pages we more then doubled our impact from last year, raising $20,680 for our organization.

How did you promote your fundraising campaign this year? Did you do anything differently in 2019?

We did social media, newsletters, did a kick off event and a mid-month event, pushed for media coverage around our opening which fell right in the middle of the GivingTuesday campaign.

For other nonprofits looking at a fundraising solution, can you provide some details of why they should select HelloFund?

HelloFund was not only easy to use, it was fun! Even for first time fundraisers, they were able to quickly and easily set up their pages. The helpful template emails provided by HelloFund were also a huge help!

About Flower Hill Foundation

The Flower Hill Foundation exists to honor the late Jane Smoot’s vision to celebrate an Austin founding family of civil servants; preserve one of the city’s last historic homesteads; and empower, inspire, and engage the diverse Austin community of today and tomorrow.

To learn more about HelloFund, please send us an email at


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