HelloFund Gala Checklist

6 to 12 Months Out

Secure Venue, Emcee, Committee Chairs and purchase Auction Software
Partner with an Auctioneer – Some options out of Austin, Texas:

Cowboy Auctioneer, Siren Sisters, David Ackel
Partner with an Event Consultant –  Mia the Event Diva, Cassie Lamere Events

Venues we love in Austin!

JW Marriott Austin
ACL Live
Omni Barton Creek
Hotel Van Zandt
AT&T Hotel and Conference Center

3 to 6 Months Out

Partner with Auction Software Company (Check out HelloFund Options and Pricing)
Create Event/Auction Landing Page and Ticket Page
Market your Event
(Double-check your link: https://keyword.hellofund.io)
Start collecting Auction Items (Auction Template)

Need Card Readers for your Auction? (HelloFund recommends 1 card reader per 100 attendees) 
Purchase from Amazon here.


TEST ALL your Event Tickets, Registration Pages, and Links prior to marketing to your audience.  It's good to see what the confirmation and an email receipt will look like from your Guest's perspective.

4 Weeks Out

Set Up Communication to Send out to Guests.

Set Calendar Reminders as you will need to log in to HelloFund to send.

Text Message Tip #1

Send a Single text Message to yourself / staff member/volunteer to ensure the text message is working correctly.

Text Message Tip #2

Only send 3 to 4 Text Messages out for your event as your Guests will receive outbid notifications from the Silent Auction.

Codes for text messages and you may see some below:
[u]  – auction link –  (27 characters)
[f] – first name (4 characters)
[b] – bidder number (2 characters)

Pre-Swipe CC Message
Org Name – We look forward to seeing you at Your Event Name on Date! To help streamline Check-In, please add your credit card here – [u]

Welcome Text Message
Org Name – Hi [f], the Event Name Silent Auction is Open!  Click here to preview and bid on items today – [u]

Event Day Text Message – Message sent to Bidders without Card on File
Org Name – We look forward to seeing you tonight!  To expedite Check-In / Check-Out, please add your credit card securely here – [u]

Event Night Text Message
The Silent Auction ends at 9 PM!  Click here to get your final bids in now – [u]

Silent and Live Auction Winners
You WON!  Head over to check out to pick up your items now.  Click here to check out from your phone – [u]

3 Weeks Out

Send Head Sponsor Email to capture Guest Names, Phone Numbers, and Emails.

You can also send this link directly from HelloFund.

*With HelloFund Event Premium, our Team will reach out to your guests to capture info to create a smooth Check In and Check Out for your Guests.

Weeks Out

Complete Auction Items/Packages (recommend getting 90% completed)

Auction Item Template


HelloFund Tip:

In order to have a successful Gala, HelloFund recommends getting both the Guest List and Auction Packages updated in a timely manner.  The more prep work done in advance of your event, the smoother event night will go.  Reminder – A great Check-In can enhance the experience for your guests.  Prior to event night, we recommend getting the Names, Emails, and Mobile Phone Numbers of 90% of your attendees.

Week Out

Complete Guest List (recommend getting 90% completed)

Get familiar with Best Practices for Event Night.  There are 3 stages to Event Night with HelloFund:

Check In














Need Card Readers for your Auction? (HelloFund recommends 1 card reader per 100 attendees) 
Purchase from Amazon here.



Enter Sales











Check Out

Post Event (1 to 3 Days After)

Event Central > Unpaid Checkouts > Check Box or Individual Box and Batch Process

Credit Card Processing Fees are NOT refunded back to the organization if a Bidder/Donor needs a refund.


Sales Report (Reports > Event Sales)

Bidder Statements (Reports > Bidder Statements)
Recommend downloading all Bidder Statements after your event is complete.  While the Bidder/Donor receives an Email after payments are submitted, it's always good to have a record of this.

Merchant Report – Great for Accountants!
Reconciled Transactions that are deposited into your Bank Account the following Wednesday. Must be 2 days prior to Wednesday to receive.

**Prior to starting your Next Event with HelloFund, you will want to do the following:
Archive Data

(Software Settings > Data Management (Archive and Remove Bidders, Bids, Items/Images))