How It Works!

No Surprises.

Our system maximizes the amount of money that stays with your organization!

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Create Your Fundraising Pages

In just a few short minutes, have a beautiful fundraising page ready for donors. Customize images, descriptions, help text, donations and every the URL!


Connect a Stripe Account!

Connect an existing Stripe account or create a new one in minutes. Anyone can own an account. If you're a 501(c), ask about Stripe's special non-profit processing.


Spread the Word!

Tell everyone about your fundraiser through a Tweet, Text, Ad, DM, Peer, Hashtag, Meme, Share, Post, Blog, Insta, Pin, Chat, Snap, Link, or just a good old Email.


Fundraise your Way!

HelloFund's financial reports and fundraiser analytics keep you organized. Watch success pour in through interactive dashboards and intuitive features.

Pair your fundraising with Auction Software!

Our platform hosts events that raise anywhere
from a few thousand dollars to a few million!

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  • Silent Auction, Live Auction, and Raffle
  • Mobile and Virtual Bidding
  • Paddles Up and Donations
  • Text Message Blasts
  • Expanded Ticketing Functionality
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Table Assignments and Sponsors

Transform the way you Fundraise!

Learn how HelloFund can take your fundraising to the next level